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What is the difference between LED and LED filament bulbs?
2021 06-10

While the environmental benefits of LEDs are reason enough to use such money-saving bulbs in the future, some people can't get beyond their preferred sci-fi style. While the half-glass, half-plastic design may not be entirely right for you, LED lights are also available in a more elegant form, the LED filament bulb. these special LED filament bulbs have large light-emitting filaments and clear glass housings similar to old-fashioned incandescent bulbs. They bring a bit of style to these futuristic bulbs. However, this style of LED filament bulb comes at a price. We'll discuss the pros and cons of traditional LEDs as well as LED filament bulbs, so you can be sure to make the right choice for your lighting needs.

Introduction to LED filament bulb
2021 05-27

LED lighting like a dark horse, the rapid rise of the lighting industry, a big replacement for energy-saving lamps as the mainstream of the market. And LED filament bulb ball light series products, is one of the most obvious products, true energy saving, true environmental protection, true health, high quality, low consumption and other advantages, become the new darling of the market. What is an LED filament color bulb? LED filament bulbs are intended to mimic the original Edison filament bulbs (the first bulbs) that used LED technology. If you would like to learn more about the first Edison lamps, we can provide you with a great guide to the history of the light bulb.

How to choose LED filament bulbs?
2021 05-24

Are you interested in making the switch to LED lighting? Whether you're fascinated by longevity, advanced energy efficiency standards or durability, LED filament bulbs may meet your needs. While the upfront cost of this technology is high, prices have been dropping and it will save you money in the long run. Keep an eye out for rebate programs in your area, which may significantly reduce the initial investment. We'll go over some ways to choose LED filament bulbs.

How does an LED filament bulb work?
2021 05-20

LED filament bulbs look like traditional carbon filament or Edison bulbs, catching the eye of many who seek a unique and stylish look for their exposed bulb pendants and lamps. These replica bulbs have the same classic look as traditional filament bulbs, but with more energy savings.How does an LED

Do LED filament bulbs good for your eyes?
2021 05-13

Growing up, you may have heard some advice from your parents to stop reading in dim light or staying under a flashlight. "It's bad for your eyes!" And many of us have probably heard that staring at a screen can be a strain on your eyes. But what about fluorescent lights? Light-emitting diodes? LED CFLs? You have the question; then we have the answers. Take a look at LED filament bulbs as light sources and what they actually do to your eyes.





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