Do LED filament bulbs good for your eyes?
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Do LED filament bulbs good for your eyes?

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Growing up, you may have heard some advice from your parents to stop reading in dim light or staying under a flashlight. "It's bad for your eyes!" And many of us have probably heard that staring at a screen can be a strain on your eyes. But what about fluorescent lights? Light-emitting diodes? LED CFLs? You have the question; then we have the answers. Take a look at LED filament bulbs as light sources and what they actually do to your eyes.

This passage is going to talk about the following introductions of LED filament bulb:

1) What kind of light bulb should I choose?

2) Lighting may affect your circadian rhythm?

3) The best lighting for your eyes


1) What kind of light bulb should I choose?

First, let's look at the type of light you should ideally use in your office or home. There are many different options, but you should avoid some of them.

In general, you'll want to skip any "cool" or "bright white" fluorescent bulbs. These bulbs may emit a slightly bluish light and are typically used in offices and schools. What happened was that an Australian National University study found that these bulbs increased the risk of several eye diseases such as cataracts and pterygoid several flesh.

Why? This is because these lights emit too much UV radiation, which can damage your eyes. This is why we recommend that you wear sunglasses outdoors, especially in the summer, but in this case, the UV rays come from the bulbs, not the sun.

LED filament color bulbs, on the other hand, do not emit UV rays and much blue light, so they are safe for your eyes and you can shop with confidence.


2) Lighting may affect your circadian rhythm?

LEDs are used in home and street lighting as well as in offices and industry.

It is also increasingly found in car headlights, flashlights (flashlights) and some toys.

Ophthalmologist Francine Behar-Cohen, head of the expert group, told reporters that compared to other types of lighting, LED screens on phones, tablets and laptops do not pose a risk of eye injury because of their very low luminosity.

However, these backlit devices (especially at night or when used in dark environments) can "disrupt biorhythms and thus disrupt sleep patterns. This is why computer and cell phone screens should not be viewed for long periods of time.

LED filament bulbs as lamps are not the same. If you use LED filament bulbs, there is no risk of radiation, and they do not contain UV light or a lot of blue light, so they are not harmful to your eyes.


3) The best lighting for your eyes

For your eye health, the best lighting to live and work with includes warm LED filament bulb light sources such as natural light. Your windows filter and block UV rays from the sun and provide natural, warm light during the day. After dark, using LED filament bulb will be good for your eyes.

Artificial warm light includes more energy efficient light sources such as incandescent bulbs and LED filament bulbs. You can also purchase full-spectrum bulbs for lamps that attempt to mimic the warm natural light of the sun without producing harmful UV rays.

Bulbs have lumen, wattage and kelvin ratings. Lumens are the brightness of the bulb and wattage is the power of the bulb. Looking at the Kelvin rating can often help you determine the type or color of light produced by the bulb. the lower the Kelvin rating of an LED filament bulb, the warmer the light and the less harmful it will be to your eyes. Soft LED filament bulb lighting is good for eye health. Work areas and more detailed tasks often require cooler and brighter light.

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