How does an LED filament bulb work?
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How does an LED filament bulb work?

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LED filament bulbs look like traditional carbon filament or Edison bulbs, catching the eye of many who seek a unique and stylish look for their exposed bulb pendants and lamps. These replica bulbs have the same classic look as traditional filament bulbs, but with more energy savings.

How does an LED filament color bulb reproduce the exact look of an incandescent filament using light-emitting diodes and how does it work? First, we need to see what an LED is.

This passage is going to talk about the following introductions of LED filament bulb:

1) What is an LED?

2) How do LED filament bulbs work?

3) Advantages of LED filament bulbs


1) What is an LED?

Traditional incandescent light bulbs produce light by generating heat. Unlike other forms of light bulbs that rely on this incandescent heat or ballast to provide illumination, LEDs have "light emitting diodes" that produce only light. That's what makes them so efficient - they don't waste heat beyond light energy. All diodes emit photons (particles of electromagnetic energy), but only certain types of diodes emit that electromagnetic energy in the form of light rather than heat. A light-emitting diode is a solid-state lighting (SSL) technology, which means that it emits light from a solid piece of matter. In this case, the solid substance is a two-lead semiconductor.


2) How do LED filament bulbs work?

LED filament bulbs do have an LED "filament," but instead of heating it to produce light, the metal strip is actually lined with light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The metal strip and LED are usually covered with glass or another transparent material and then coated with phosphor to change the light emitted by the LED from a blue color to a usually warm yellow tint, similar to an incandescent filament bulb. the LED strip is placed facing outward to produce the same 360° angle of light as an incandescent bulb. When turned on, the entire strip is shown as illuminated, rather than individual diodes, resulting in a nice uniform glow.

In general, these LED filament strips are available in a variety of colors and can be used to simulate the appearance of incandescent bulb filaments, including many of the same filament patterns. Although they are not as thin as incandescent filaments, they look very similar when illuminated.


3) Advantages of LED filament bulbs

LED filament bulbs generate less heat than conventional LEDs (which still give off less heat than incandescent, halogen or compact fluorescent lamps) because they have larger diode spacing. As a result, they dissipate heat more easily and last longer than standard LEDs.

Here are some suggestions for your choice of LED lighting.

Regarding bulb bases - It's important to make sure the bulb you choose fits into your existing fixture socket. Most LED filament bulbs can be used with Edison screw bases or bayonet cap bases, but you can also find smaller fittings for use in fixtures such as accents. Examples include chandeliers.

About associated color temperature (CCT) - To better mimic incandescent carbon filaments, LED filament bulbs are primarily available in warm white to very warm white, although you can find them in other color temperatures and in different shades.

Regarding brightness - Since incandescent bulbs are often chosen as bare fixtures, they are usually not as bright. Check their lumen levels rather than their wattage equivalents to make sure you get a bulb with the desired brightness level.


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