Introduction to LED filament bulb
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Introduction to LED filament bulb

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LED lighting like a dark horse, the rapid rise of the lighting industry, a big replacement for energy-saving lamps as the mainstream of the market. And LED filament bulb ball light series products, is one of the most obvious products, true energy saving, true environmental protection, true health, high quality, low consumption and other advantages, become the new darling of the market.

What is an LED filament color bulb? LED filament bulbs are intended to mimic the original Edison filament bulbs (the first bulbs) that used LED technology. If you would like to learn more about the first Edison lamps, we can provide you with a great guide to the history of the light bulb.

This passage is going to talk about the following introductions of LED filament bulb:

1) What is LED filament bulb?

2) Special design of LED filament bulb

3) Why to choose our best LED filament bulbs


1) What is LED filament bulb?

LED filament is also called LED lamp post. In the past, the LED light source to achieve a certain degree of light and light area, need to add lenses and other optical devices. Doing so will affect the light effect and reduce the energy efficiency that LED should have. But now, the LED filament to achieve 360 ° full-angle luminous, large angle luminous and do not need to add a lens to achieve three-dimensional light source, will give you an unprecedented lighting experience.


2) Special design of LED filament bulb

Many older or antique lamps use the filament bulb style.

The main features of the LED filament bulb are as follows.

The LED filament bulb emits a distinctive warm yellow glow. With long, curved filaments visible in the glass, they can come in many different shapes, including globes, squirrel cages or water drops.

LED filament bulbs were developed as a solution to the problem of using traditional carbon filament and modern tungsten coil technology, neither of which is energy efficient. Instead, LEDs are lined up inside LED filament bulbs to mimic the effect of traditional filaments while consuming less energy than the original versions.

3) Why to choose our best LED filament bulbs

LED filament bulbs get a retro effect: all in color temperature

One of the main reasons to buy LED filament bulbs is to take advantage of the warm color temperatures they offer, so it's worth understanding that for really warm yellow or orange light, you need a lower color temperature.

These are not the normal color temperatures that you would be used to from your everyday bulbs - the light that comes out is much warmer. Think of the rich yellows, amber and oranges that can create a really cozy atmosphere.

Warm means yellow/orange, which feels comfortable but is less bright*.

Cold means closer to white or daylight and looks brighter*

* Technically, it is not "less bright" or "brighter", but rather related to lumen output. Therefore, the industry uses LED filament bulb color temperature to describe the difference between a regular bathroom light with the same actual luminous flux output (technical "brightness") and a comfortable living room light.

Now the new LED filament bulb lamp also has dimmable possibility. In the case of consistent appearance and shape, the function of this lamp adjustment can be achieved from 10% to 90% range of dimming, making a greater contribution to the mission of energy saving and environmental protection.


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