Why is it called a flood light?
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Why is it called a flood light?

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A flood light is a light-weight bulb involving the use of high power to illuminate a huge exterior lighting device. Flood lights are mainly used to illuminate the research horizons of excellent or traditionally sturdy buildings. Why is it called a flood light?

This passage is going to talk about the following introductions of flood light:

1) Why is it called a flood light?

2) Occasions for using flood lights

3) Differences between Flood light and Spotlight


1) Why is it called a flood light?

Flood light squares measure the wide beam, high intensity artificial light. They are typically accustomed to illuminating outdoor playgrounds, while outdoor sporting events are directed in low-light conditions. Multiple high-power flood lights can have gantries for bulb dynamics and maintenance.

Flood lights include the use of high-powered, lightweight bulbs to illuminate a huge exterior location. This type of lighting is well established and additionally requires a large amount of current. Flood lighting can be broadly divided into 3 categories: frontal, basic location and additional assembly. Each has its own particular theme and additional challenges that need to be specified. Some examples of installation and maintenance aspects will be provided.


2) Occasions for using flood lights

Flood lights are mainly used to illuminate the study view of excellent or traditional solid buildings. By using flood lights, you will be able to enhance the depth of the building's frame. The setup of this light makes it necessary to reflect its location, power and maintenance.

1. Bridges

In bridge lighting projects, the main tower lighting is generally among the most important of the entire lighting project. In order to make the main tower of the subway cable-stayed bridge bright and magnificent, in the lighting design, it will generally be set six light points on both sides of the cable, from bottom to top in order to illuminate the main tower. The luminaires mainly use high-power LED flood lights.

2. Sports Venue

The leading flood lights not only enhance the spectators' experience in the game and at home, but also improve the players' performance. Flood lights can be used in sports arenas such as basketball courts, tennis courts, soccer fields, baseball fields, badminton courts, golf courses.


3) Differences between Flood light and Spotlight

The appearance of Flood light is very similar, the difference lies in the size of the beam angle and the occasion of use.

The beam angle of each spotlight is different. Regardless of its type and other adjustments, it produces a narrow beam of no more than 45 degrees, while the beam emitted by a searchlight can make up to a 120-degree beam.

LED spotlights have a small beam angle and are suitable for high mast lighting. That is, if the basketball court has a high light hole, the recommended installation is an LED spotlight (depending on the actual situation.) The LED flood light has a larger beam angle, generally speaking, the LED flood light has an angle of 60° ~ 120°. It is usually installed at a distance of 10 meters or less from the ground (depending on the actual situation).

If specific objects must be pointed out, occasional use of

Spotlights are the best choice, but flood lights are the best choice for illuminating larger spaces. They both consume the same amount of power and can produce a similar number of lumens, so you basically have to evaluate the situation and see if you want to illuminate a single object or a larger area.


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