Special design of retro candle LED filament bulb
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Special design of retro candle LED filament bulb

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You'll find a wide variety of bulbs in the local lighting aisle, but increasingly we're finding bulbs that fall under labels like "vintage retro candle LED filament bulb style". The pitch of a lamp like this is very simple: new-age LED efficiency with an old-fashioned incandescent look that matches the fake LED "filaments" that go right inside the bulb. This means that if you plan to pick one, there are plenty of options. Before you do, here's what you'd better know.

This passage is going to talk about the following introductions of LED filament bulb:

1) Everything about the retro candle LED filament bulb is designed with aesthetics in mind

2) Design can make a difference

3) Consider color quality of LED filament bulbs


1) Everything about the retro candle LED filament bulb is designed with aesthetics in mind

Gone are the days when light bulbs lasted only about a year. Today, a typical LED bulb that costs $5 can last for decades. As more and more people start using these bulbs, people will replace them less and less often.

That's why manufacturers are so quick to embrace the retro style trend - the new design of the retro candle LED filament bulb provides a reason for people who may not need a new bulb to want the exact same new bulb.

To that end, while retro candle LED filament bulbs are not brighter, better or more efficient than standard LED bulbs, at least not in terms of specifications. But all that retro candle LED filament bulbs offer with their unique design is an aesthetic enhancement to the visible setup of the bulb itself. It's great if you spend a lot of time in trendy bars or restaurants where such retro candle LED filament bulbs are very popular and you can go out and get a feel for them.

The good news is that there will be plenty of options for retro candle LED filament bulb if you wish to catch the trend yourself.


2) Design can make a difference

There is a retro candle LED filament bulb with a twisted filament inside that looks great, and because each diode emits light directly from the bulb, they also eliminate most shadows.

Most vintage-style retro candle LED filament bulbs achieve their appearance by connecting light-emitting diodes in series to a dummy filament inside the bulb. The way these retro candle LED filament bulb filaments are arranged can have a big impact on the actual appearance of the lamp when you turn it on.

For example, older bulbs that arrange the filaments into neat columns can deliver a more industrial look, while bulbs that twist the filaments into decorative double spirals can give the bulb a more refined appearance. Those twisted retro candle LED filament bulbs also excel at dispersing light evenly and without shadows, because the design allows each diode to shine straight outward. Other retro candle LED filament bulbs with multiple filaments can cast unsightly shadows when those filaments get in the way of each other.


3) Consider color quality of LED filament bulbs

Most old-fashioned retro candle LED filament bulbs turn down the color temperature to enhance the aesthetics of the old-fashioned. This means they go out with a light that is usually yellowish or even orange in appearance.

By taking the extra step of tinting the glass, some bulbs can multiply this approach. Typically, this will give the light an artificially warm tint and cast a candle-like orange hue on all objects.

That may be the exact effect you want, but if you want the light to look more natural - and not distort the color too much - then consider using retro candle LED filament bulb colorless bulbs. tinted bulbs such as retro candle LED filament bulbs can compromise color quality.

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