Principles of sensor LED flood lights
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Principles of sensor LED flood lights

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Let us know more about sensor LED flood light.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of sensor LED flood light:

1) Types of sensor LED flood light sensors

2) How does sensor LED flood light work?

3) Advantages of using motion sensing in outdoor floodlights


1) Types of sensor LED flood light sensors

Flood light motion sensor Although the motion sensor of a flood light luminaire consists of two main components (transmitter and receiver), different types of sensors have their own operating principles. In general, there are these types.

1. Microwave sensors

These types of sensors detect motion by emitting a continuous wave of microwave radiation. When the phase is displaced due to movement (object moving toward or away from the receiver), the outlier signal is emitted at a low audio frequency.

2. Infrared sensor

Infrared sensors sense motion by detecting infrared radiation. Infrared sensors have an infrared LED light source that emits light with a specific IR wavelength. The frequency of the light beam is received by a detector circuit that has an optical component focused on the IR radiation. This circuit also limits the spectral response.

3. Passive infrared (PIR) sensors

PIR sensors sense human skin temperature by blackbody radiation emitted at mid-infrared wavelengths. The sensor is passive for background objects at room temperature. PIR sensors can detect animals and people by picking up infrared light. They are small, inexpensive, low power consumption, and easy to use in gadgets.

4. Ultrasonic sensors

Ultrasonic sensors emit ultrasonic waves (whose sound cannot be heard by humans). When the ultrasonic waves hit the object and reflect back, the sensor detects the moving object. Outlier detection indicates motion.

5. Dual technology sensors

Some motion sensors combine multiple technologies to improve accuracy. For example, sensors that utilize a microwave and passive infrared tend to have fewer false alarms. Microwave motion sensors can be triggered by the wind. A sharp rise in temperature can trigger a PIR sensor. With the dual function, the incidence of false alarms is greatly reduced.


2) How does the sensor LED flood light work?

To understand how motion-sensing floodlights work, it is important to discuss that motion sensing dates back to the 1950s. The first sensor was invented by Samuel Bango, who applied the basics of radar to ultrasound. He applied the basics of radar to ultrasound. Bango's motion detector utilized the Doppler effect.

Typically, sensors are able to detect motion by analyzing the smallest differences in the frequencies they emit. By integrating the motion sensor module into the floodlights, they can be turned on automatically without having to press any switches. Thus, we can use an energy-efficient way to improve home security. 


3) Advantages of using motion sensing in outdoor floodlights

Automatic lighting control is one of the main applications. Sensor LED flood light has some significant advantages as follows.

1. Better security

Motion sensing outdoor lights can provide a higher level of security for a variety of properties including houses. Homeowners don't have to worry as often because the lights come on when they sense activity outside. They only need to worry when they sense motion. In fact, LED flood lights with sensors have proven to deter intruders by learning of their presence with unparalleled precision. They also warn property owners of other dangers, such as wildlife.

2. Unparalleled Convenience

The automatic on/off function is guided by the presence/absence of motion, eliminating the monotonous task of turning lights on/off. sensor LED flood light also makes it easy to move around the house/property without help. The lights also help when recording CCTV footage. sensor LED flood light only allows recording of key footage, not every minute of the day. This can save an unparalleled amount of time when you need to view security footage.

3. Reduce electricity costs

These sensor LED flood light also saves energy by turning on the light only when absolutely necessary. You don't have to worry about turning on the sensor LED flood light for long periods of time and incurring large lighting costs in the process.




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