Principles of RGB strip light
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Principles of RGB strip light

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As LED strip lights become more and more popular, you may have come across RGB strip lights. Did you know that these strip lights can change colors? This colorful fixture gives you a fantastic experience. Do you know how it works?

This passage is going to talk about the following introductions of RGB strip light:

1) Introduction to RGB strip light

2) Principles of RGB strip lights

3) Application Purpose - How to Select RGB strip light Controller?


1) Introduction to RGB strip light

Standard RGB strip lights use a three-in-one LED chip consisting of red, green and blue chips. By mixing the three colors multiple colors can be produced, and all three colors look almost white at full brightness. Quality RGB strip light lighting is beneficial to your lighting project and can help you win more LED lighting projects.


2) Principles of RGB strip lights

How do RGB strip lights work? Each RGB LED has three LEDs inside, one blue, one green and one red. Because LEDs are dimmable by nature, each colored LED can produce all shades of a single color. For example, a red LED will be able to produce a range of colors that have a warm color factor. Blue and green can produce a range of colors that have a cool color factor.

In fact, each colored LED can produce 256 shades of the same color. If you combine three color LEDs together, you can provide over 16.7 million color combinations.

So, how do RGB LEDs create these color combinations? Playing the brightness of each LED is simple. For example, if you want purple, you can increase the brightness of the red and blue LEDs, while decreasing the brightness of the green LED. Similarly, if you want the color yellow, turn down the blue LED and turn up the red and green LEDs.

You can also use RGB strip lights to create white light. Simply turn all three colored LEDs to the highest power to create white light. However, the white light created in this way may have a slight hue or tint.

RGB strip lights can produce a wide range of colors, but they do have some limitations. For example, they cannot create brown or light pink.


3) Application Purpose - How to Select RGB strip light Controller?

Before selecting an RGB strip light controller, you must determine the size of the space to be covered and the purpose of the application. If your project is small, such as a bedroom or home office, choose the RF RGB LED controller. Installing and using the controller is easy and you can use it immediately.

For RGB strip light lighting in hotels, restaurants, office buildings or large rooms, choose a DMX or DALI controller. They will help you easily control the brightness and color of a larger range of LED strips.

Choose a recessed wired wall controller to enhance the lighting on a table or wall.

Consideration of the size and type of controller is also necessary. RGB strip light controllers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The best choice for you depends on the size and type of controller you prefer. The sleek digital multi-channel RF controllers are perfect for home and office use, while the rugged large DALI controllers are perfect for hotels and restaurants.



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