Introduction to under water fishing lamp
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Introduction to under water fishing lamp

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While fishing lights may seem to magically attract fish to your dock, it's actually a simple, scientific process. Any light from an underwater fishing lamp, no matter what color, will attract fish. When fishing lights are placed underwater, they reflect off particles in the water. These tiny little particles enhance the baitfish's natural food source. These baitfish are then attracted to the light. Once the baitfish are attracted, they will bring in larger prey such as snook, fish and bass.

This passage is going to talk about the following introductions of underwater fishing lamp:

1) What is underwater fishing lamp?

2) The wonderful use of underwater fishing lights

3) Tips of using underwater fishing lamps


1) What is underwater fishing lamp?

Generally speaking, underwater fishing light is used to gather fish, it is very simple to use, placed directly underwater can be.

The principle of underwater fish lure light is to use different colors of light on the small shrimp and small fish boy they have a certain attraction, easy to induce them to gather, so as to achieve the purpose of big fish eat small fish, and then big fish can be on fishing or store fishing.


2) The wonderful use of underwater fishing lights

Some underwater fishing lamps will attract fish within minutes of installation, while other underwater fishing lamps can take up to several weeks. Fish attendance depends on where you are located. Even though there may be no fish on the first night, the process is still the same. It only takes a little time for the fish to find their light and get used to the feeding cycle. Once the fish have found the light, they will return each night. Therefore, it is important that the underwater fishing lamp runs on a photocell. The phototube will ensure that the light is on every night and every morning. After a few weeks, you will have established a feeding cycle for the fish in your area and will see them return. It is similar to a dog. If you feed him at 5:15 each day, he will be waiting for food at 5:10.

As time passes, more fish will appear under the underwater fishing lamp. Most of them will be bigger than they were before. These under water fishing lamps will not only attract fish, they will also create a natural aquarium in your backyard! The best thing about these lights is that they do not harm fish or any other marine life. They enhance the animals' natural food source and provide countless hours of entertainment for anyone who sees them.


3) Tips of using underwater fishing lamps

Night raft fishing always need lamps, one is lighting, one is to attract fish with.

First of all, the color of the light source, most friends know that warm light source than cold light source effect is good, underwater fishing lamp warm light source, especially yellow light source better. However, underwater fishing lamp is not practical for all occasions.

In the use of underwater fishing lamp before the first to understand the raft fishing occasion fish species, if the raft fishing occasion bighead carp more recommended caution to use the fish lure lamp. Through many times experience, the first use of underwater fishing lamp effect is still good, after a period of time there is no more bite, the first few times I do not know what the reason, later found that the lure fish lamp to attract groups of bighead carp open big mouth in the depths of the light swimming, bighead carp lure to the bucket was whisked away. However, most raft fishing occasion waters have a large number of bighead carp.

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