Introduction to senser LED flood lights
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Introduction to senser LED flood lights

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As technology becomes more stylish and aesthetically pleasing, more and more homes and/or companies seem to be purchasing motion sensor lighting systems. The desire to get twice as much done with half the effort has extended to security systems where sensor LED flood lights can provide a higher level of security while taking up less space and consuming less energy than older security systems.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of LED flood light:

1) What are sensor LED flood lights?

2) Motion Sensor Lighting System Applications

3) The best place to put LED flood light

1) What are sensor LED flood lights?

When people pass by or whatever the situation is, the sensor LED flood light will become bright.

You may have noticed that the light from the sensor LED flood light is sensitive to motion, but not to a stationary person. This is because the electronic components connected to the sensor are looking for a fairly rapid change in the infrared energy seen. When a person passes by, the infrared energy in the field of view changes quickly and is easily detected. You don't want the sensor to detect slower changes, such as a sidewalk getting cooler at night.

If you have a burglar alarm with a motion sensor, you may have noticed that the motion sensor can't "see" you when you're outside looking through the window. That's because the glass is not very transparent to infrared energy.

2) Motion Sensor Lighting System Applications

Senser LED flood lights trigger a response when motion is detected. They can be installed indoors, on walls, ceilings, doorways or outdoors on the exterior of buildings and houses. Some motion sensor lights (called occupancy sensors) work by turning off lights in unoccupied rooms and spaces. When the sensor LED flood lights detect motion, the sensor triggers the light. When motion is stopped being detected, the sensor turns the light off. Occupancy sensors are a low-maintenance way to reduce the electricity costs associated with lights left on when no one is home or in the room.

Senser LED flood lights can be controlled and adjusted to meet the needs of the user, but how do you adjust the lights of a motion sensor? Typically, two forms of motion sensor light control are offered: sensitivity and time delay. The sensitivity setting allows the user to adjust the magnitude of the motion that must occur to trigger the sensor. If set correctly, a person walking in a room with a motion sensor trigger should activate the sensor, but a passing fly should not cause the motion light to turn on. The delay setting allows the user to determine how long the light should remain lit after the sensor is triggered if no further motion is detected. Motion light sensors can also be used in exterior applications on the outside of houses and buildings to sound an alarm or turn on an outdoor light to announce a person's presence.

3) The best place to put LED flood light

Your goal should be to cover the entire house, including the front and back lawns, with proper security lighting. You will want to make sure that you place the lights in the proper locations so that they will not be tampered with, but will still be available if maintenance is required.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a location for your security lights.

Height - Place the light on the ground not far from the roof. The higher the light, the more area it will cover. However, make sure it is not too far from the ground, as this will soften the light and certain areas may become blind spots.

Blind spots - Blind spots are areas where your light cannot reach. Avoid creating them whenever possible. It is best to place LED flood lights in areas where thieves may be hiding, such as behind bushes or under stairs.

An easy way to make sure all areas are covered is to purchase smaller LED flood lights to focus on these potential blind spots.

Neighbors - Try installing lights that don't shine brightly at neighboring homes. Installing sensor LED flood light and LED Solar Street Light means your neighbors won't enter the house all night.




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