How to install street lights?
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How to install street lights?

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It is exciting to be at the forefront of modern technology. New technologies can enhance safety, protect the environment and provide more cost-effective solutions. Solar street lights offer all the appealing things about renewable energy and smart technology integration. However, changes usually require some effort first. Make sure you have all the solar streetlight system components ready for final assembly and installation. So, how difficult is it to install solar street lights? Since I often receive these types of questions, this article is intended to give you a detailed understanding of the step-by-step approach to installing solar LED street lights.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of installing outdoor street light:

1) Considering installation as a viable DIY project

2) How do I prepare for the installation?

3) How to install solar LED street lights?


1) Considering installation as a viable DIY project

When installing off-grid equipment, there's no reason you can't do it yourself. Being user-friendly from the start is a hallmark of modern technology. However, keep in mind that for safety and insurance purposes, it is important to have a qualified electrician certify the street light installation and have it done by an experienced installer.

These solar street light installation procedures will help you get it right the first time. Before you go there, check how compatible the solar panels are after installing them on the street light pole. Don't take it lightly and try to do it yourself, and pay attention to grid safety.


2) How do I prepare for the installation?

With proper planning, all processes will go faster and you will ensure the safety of everyone.

Step 1 - Safety Guidelines

Most solar lights are installed in public areas, whether it's in driveways, parks, plazas or lighting in parking lots. This means that you will be surrounded by people during the installation process. It is important to stay focused on the task at hand and help keep others safe by using barrier tape to create a working perimeter.

Step 2 - Use protective clothing, such as.


-Safety helmet

-Rubber shoes

These tools will reduce the chance of injury. Remove watches and jewelry. You do not want these electrical conductors to prevent you from using the cord.


3) How to install solar LED street lights?

Now, you can proceed with the following steps of solar street light installation

Step 1 - Base for the Pole

Most solar street light poles have holes in the base to pass through these bolts. The cage is held in place with cement. You will only need to secure the cage with cement at the bottom of the holes. Once you have completed the installation, you can fill the holes.

Step 2 - Placement of Solar Cells

Batteries must be placed in a protective enclosure above or on the ground to better protect them from theft and temperature fluctuations. Describe the wires to be connected so that the solar cells can be connected to the solar controller inside the pole. This will transfer the solar energy generated to the battery and the wires will extend inside the electrodes.

Step 3 - Prepare the solar panels and LED lights

While the pole is still lying on the ground, prepare the solar panels and LED lights. Wiring is easier in this location than when it is at a higher level after installation.

The LED lights and solar panels must also be bolted to the pole either by bolts or through a mechanism provided by the manufacturer.

Please remember that solar panels are very fragile components. Extra care must be taken with these units to prevent unnecessary damage.

The position must be formed at the proper angle so that the solar panels are oriented in the correct direction.

-In the northern hemisphere, the surface of the panel must face south

-In the southern hemisphere, the surface of the surface must face north -Make sure that nearby buildings and trees are not obscured

Cast a shadow on the panel

Test your solar panels and LED lights before connecting all wires. If you cover the solar panels (as if at night), the LED lights should always be on. If your solar LED street light model is designed to respond to motion, test these features as well.

Step 4 - Standing Pole with Solar Controller

The solar controller is placed inside the pole and connected to the solar panels and LED lights. Once these components are properly connected, you can lift the solar street light pole.

You can use a crane or truck, but this is another benefit of modern technology. Even though durable, many solar street lights are still lit. You can lift them yourself or with the assistance of a few workers. This is a practical solution if you install your solar LED lights in places where no vehicles can get close to them.

The poles are fixed by inserting the holes into the bolts of the steel cage and securing them with nuts. Use a level to ensure that the rods are lifted and placed at right angles. Installing them at an incorrect angle can cause strain and damage the foundation over time.

The wires leading from the solar cells must also be connected to the solar controller. Allow these wires to pass through the soil or concrete that forms the foundation to reach the battery pack.

It is best to test the fixture over time after installation and to perform regular maintenance.




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