How to choose street lights?
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How to choose street lights?

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Switching to LED lighting is a wise decision, as incandescent lights are expensive and inefficient. By offering exquisite service, LED lights are ruling the market. This has greatly increased the demand for LED street lights. Due to the increased demand, manufacturers also grew many times. This is natural. But as the number of manufacturers has increased, so has the fraud. Therefore, it is vital to stay aware when buying LED street lights.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of choosing outdoor street light:

1) What factors should be considered when buying street lights?

2) What is a lumen?

3) Shape and orientation considerations

4) LED colors for LED street lights


1) What factors should be considered when buying street lights?

Are you planning to import LED street lights? Here are the key factors you should consider.

Power supply: You need to look carefully at the power supply. The power supply will determine how the LED street light will operate. The voltage should be sufficient to light up all the LED lights. It would be a waste to get powerful LED retrofit lights and only reduce the power by the available power supply.

Low power supply voltages mean that the lights will barely light up. Even if they do, they will not be as bright as expected.

Sometimes, only a few lights on the street will work while the rest stay off.

When you turn on the power, you need to check the wattage of the street light. Does it match the supply? If not consider using a lower wattage light.

Design and Construction: Check the physical characteristics of the LED street light. There are several factors that can determine if it is a good product.

One factor that hinders the performance of LED streetlights is poor construction.

Unlike indoor lighting systems, LEDs are susceptible to natural variations. Poor workmanship can put refurbished equipment at a high risk of damage.

Common physical factors that can damage LED streetlights include

Broken protective glass that allows water to enter the LED chip

Poor quality waterproof gaskets

Rusty bodies

You need to choose a light that is less susceptible to the above factors. For example, it should have a thick and sturdy glass to provide adequate protection.

The street light should also have a powder coating. This can provide protection from various weather elements, such as wind, dust and heavy rain.


2) What is a lumen?

Lumen is the brightness of an LED lamp. How much light can a bulb produce under normal operating conditions?

Your choice of tube cavity depends on a variety of factors. One of them is the location of the street light. If you plan to install the street light in a very dark area, buy LED lights with high lumens. They should be able to emit enough light to overcome the darkness.

The distribution of street lights can also determine the luminosity of the lights. If several lights are distributed at one point, you may want to consider using LED bulbs with low lumens. Scattered streetlights require high lumen bulbs.


3) Shape and orientation considerations

LED streetlights are unidirectional. They illuminate in one direction.

Once an LED street light retrofit light is installed, it will be difficult to change the direction of its light again. This means you need to decide at the time of purchase.

Take the time to check the shape and design of the bulb. These two factors will determine the direction of the light.

Sometimes the design will also affect the size of the light beam.


4) LED colors for LED street lights

LED street lights come in a variety of colors. Personal goals play a role in determining the color to be installed.

Popular colors you can choose from including bright white, warm white and cool white. The color variation depends on the temperature produced by the LED light.

High temperatures will release extremely bright colors. On the other hand, cooler street lights will emit dull colors.

The color factor plays a crucial role in influencing the amount of energy consumed. You will pay a high electricity bill for bright colors because they have a high wattage.





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