How to choose lights for your garden?
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How to choose lights for your garden?

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Our selection of the best outdoor LED floodlights will transform your garden at night. From beautiful fairy-tale lights to permanent wall-mounted garden lights, all garden styles and preferences are among the options you'll consider.

And now, garden parties will be the best way to meet friends and family in a safe and socially distant way - so you'll need a way to keep your garden lit after the sun goes down. Choose among practical outdoor lighting solutions that best suit your space, and LED floodlights really are a cost-effective choice for safety and practicality.

This passage is going to talk about the following introductions of LED flood light:

1) Choose our LED lights

2) Tips for lighting your garden

3) Take preventive measures when install LED flood lights


1) Choose our LED lights

If you need more electricity from your garden lighting than solar power provides, LEDs are a good choice. While generally more expensive upfront than halogen lights, LED light sources have a longer lifespan and lower energy consumption, making them more affordable in the long run.

Check out our floodlight collection to see the latest in stylish outdoor LED floodlights.

Need further help or advice on choosing your outdoor lights? Give our customer service team a call, we're always here to help!


2) Tips for lighting your garden

Outdoor lighting should be fluid, and different types of lighting can create different effects in the garden.

Downlights are good for illuminating doorways or casting light onto patios or decks. Smaller downlights can illuminate specific plants or features, while the smallest downlights attached to the bottom of lower hardscapes such as benches and windows can define areas with a subtle but attractive glow.

Overhead lighting illuminates’ statues, mature trees or other large objects from below to create a dramatic effect.

Cross-lighting makes the centerpiece of the garden a feature. This effect is created by placing spotlights on opposite sides of the scene.

Spotlights and garden up lighting are another way to make objects really stand out; place directional spotlights or up lighting at a distance from the scene to achieve this effect.

Create a soft glowing effect across a wall or hedge by placing a light at the base of the wall or hedge.

Project an interesting feature onto the wall or hedge by placing a spotlight at the foot of the wall.

Draw attention to attractive stone work by placing uplighters at the edge of the wall.

Silhouette is created by placing a diffused light between a feature and an adjacent structure to create a silhouette against a soft background.

Specular lighting involves illuminating a feature at the far side of a body of water to reflect its image in a dark body of water.

Make sure you don't create too much glare when using outdoor lights. For example, you don't want lights at the bottom of the garden pointing directly at the patio or deck, as they may dazzle those sitting there; likewise, you don't want sunken lights pointing directly above.


3) Take preventive measures when install LED flood lights

If you choose to install your own garden lighting, make sure to follow the following important safety steps:

Turn off the power to the consumer device.

Use the socket tester to confirm whether the circuit works safely.

The circuit is protected by high sensitivity residual current device and controlled by a bipolar disconnector.

Lay all cables underground (at least 450 mm deep if under courtyards or paths and 750 mm under lawns and flower beds).

Before use, check all completed work with the socket tester.

Safety first! The first priority for exterior lighting must be to keep your garden safe.

Illuminate hazards: Always ensure that any potential trip hazards are well lit, including any changes in level, such as garden steps and low walls. Recessed lights tend to work well in these areas, providing low levels of illumination to reduce risk without causing disruption.




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