How do light sensitive street lights work?
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How do light sensitive street lights work?

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What is light sensitive street light? Now we commonly use light sensitive street light control is a street light automatic control system, which is a combination of time control and light control, when the light level of the switch is reached within the time range of sunset and sunrise, the system will automatically send a command to the street light on each road. The system will automatically send commands to the street light control box on each road to control the street light switch operation. Do you know about light sensitive street lights? I hope the introduction of this article will be helpful to you.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of maintaining outdoor street light:

1) Introduction to light sensitive street lights

2) Advantages of light sensitive street light

3) Conclusion


1) Introduction to light sensitive street lights

The light sensitive street light is an instrument used to detect the intensity of light.

If the light sensitive street light is installed, for example, the light sensitive value is less than 10 percent, it will automatically turn on the power of street lights. That is to say, once at night, the light-sensing instrument does not feel the light, it will turn on the power of the street lamp. During the day, the light sensor of the street light will not turn on the power.

For the general use of the absolute brightness is not very meaningful, and relative brightness is more meaningful. Relative brightness refers to the contrast between light intensity and background, called the relative value. In a dark background, light of very low brightness can be seen clearly, however, in a bright background, the same light may not be seen. This phenomenon can be illustrated by the example of not being able to see the stars during the day.

light sensitive street light range: light sensitivity is not only related to the intensity of light, but also related to the size of the light range, and is proportional to it.

light sensitive street light discrimination value: the ease of light discrimination is related to the difference between light and background, that is, the difference in brightness. According to the characteristics of the sense of light, in visual design, if we want light or certain information composed of light is easy for people to feel, it should improve the difference between it and the background, increase the area of light, and vice versa, if not, the opposite should be dealt with. The key is not the absolute brightness of light, but the difference between it and the background and the size of the area.


2) Advantages of light sensitive street light

This light sensitive street light adopts advanced embedded microcomputer control technology, according to the user's energy-saving needs, the light control probe (function) and the time control function can be enabled at the same time, while integrating the light control function and ordinary time control two functions into one multi-functional advanced time control device (time control switch), can be combined into street lights, landscape lights, advertising light boxes and other equipment excellent energy-saving control device.

After rigorous testing, we have launched the light sensitive street light with a light control sensor switch, which has stable performance. outdoor lighting needs.


3) Conclusion

In the effective sensing range, if people and objects such as cars move, or there is a sound shouting, high-fives, bumping, etc.), the light sensitive street light will automatically light up or effectively move.

After a period of time, the light sensitive street light will be extinguished, with the light control circuit can be made into night type (only the light will be on when the environment is dark), or day and night type ((automatic light will be on no matter day and night.))

LED light source in light sensitive street light products, the application of the field Zhang advantages (long switch life, high luminous efficiency, small size and easy to control), avoid the disadvantages (no continuous high temperature caused by light decay, color rendering is often low does not become a problem); is worth your choice and investment in lighting equipment.






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