Does light attract fish at night?
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Does light attract fish at night?

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Some fish have a physiological tendency to light, just like the very familiar phenomenon of moths to flame. There are also small creatures that are phototropic to moonlight, light and other low light because of the bait they eat. At the same time tend to light only part of the fish, some fish are not tending to light, some fish even avoid the light, so fishing lamp&ballast can only catch fish with phototropism.

This passage is going to talk about the following introductions of fishing light:

1) Fishing lights take advantage of the phototropism of fish for fishing

2) The color of the fishing light is also critical

3) Why not choosing our fishing lights?


1) Fishing lights take advantage of the phototropism of fish for fishing

Don't think that the ocean at night, just a dark paste, cannot fight fish production. In fact, thousands of years ago, fishermen know that fish like bright light, fishermen installed a wire bucket on the side of the boat, lit a fire of pine wood to lure the fish. When the fish see the light of the fire, they gather in the light of the fire to swim, then round up, you can get a good harvest. Now, with the development of fishing lights and fishing boats, fishing lights have been used to lure fish. Because of the strong luminosity, easy to use, so achieve more significant results.

Some fish, because the physiology of a tendency to light, as we are very familiar with the phenomenon of moths to light. Most of the phototropic fish are small fish, such as silverfish, sardines, etc. But do not think that these fish like any light, really like only some weak light, so in the strong sunlight, they often sink in the bottom of the water, in the bright moon night, they float to the surface to meet the moon swimming.

Some fish, such as mackerel, jacks, striped bass, etc., so phototropic because they eat bait, some of the moonlight, fishing lights and other small creatures with phototropism of weak light. These small organisms, such as krill and long-footed shrimp, sink to the bottom in the morning as the sunlight gradually strengthens, and then move up to the upper layers of the water in the evening. These fish also follow the bait organisms, migrating up and down by day and night.

These phototropic fish and small creatures have moonlight as a source of light, and if you use fishing lights to lure set, often can achieve a good harvest.


2) The color of the fishing light is also critical

In addition, scientists also found that sardines, mackerel, etc., especially like the red light, if the light in cyan and green, the fish swim very lively, and when switched to red light, the fish can be dense under the light source, and become very quiet.

Therefore, when using fishing lights, it is better to prepare various colors of lights, when using white electric lights to gather the fish together and then turn on the red light to make the fish denser and quieter, which is beneficial to release the net to catch.

But it should also be noted that not all fish are phototropic. Some fish are not phototropic, some fish even avoid light, such as eels once they find the light to escape, it is often avoided in the reproductive period in the bright moonlit night into the sea. So, the light can only catch the fish with phototropism.


3) Why not choosing our fishing lights?

After learning so much about fishing lights, you are not also excited to try night fishing. If you need fishing lights, you can search the relevant information on the website or contact us by post or email. We are always happy to serve you.

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