Do LED filament bulbs get hot?
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Do LED filament bulbs get hot?

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Many of our customers really like to touch and operate our bulbs - sometimes they don't want to use standard incandescent or LED filament bulbs (don't worry, we do that too). Therefore, one of the popular questions we get is, "Wow, LED filament bulbs are hot; Is that OK?"

This passage is going to talk about the following introductions of LED filament bulb:

1) Do LED filament bulbs get hot?

2) Why do we feel that hot?

3) Why not choose our best LED filament bulbs?


1) Do LED filament bulbs get hot?

LED filament color bulbs do emit some heat, but much less than energy saving sticks, wire wrappers and traditional light bulbs. Equally important, when used in home fixtures, LED filament bulbs do not emit infrared (IR) light, but only visible light. You can't see infrared light, so it doesn't add to the brightness of the light; it just makes the bulb hot and wastes energy. Another advantage is that LED filament bulbs also do not emit ultraviolet (UV) light.

LED filament bulbs are hot to the touch, but not as hot as incandescent, halogen and CFL bulbs. LED filament bulbs are one of the newest and most efficient lighting technologies. High-powered lighting LED filament bulbs emit light at much lower operating temperatures than the hot filaments used in previous generations of bulbs. the hottest outer surface of LED filament bulbs is typically half the temperature of an incandescent or halogen bulb of the same brightness, and about 20% cooler than that of a CFL bulb.

In fact, LEDs are more efficient and last longer when used at lower temperatures. Excessive temperatures can shorten the life of electrical and electronic components (which is in part why traditional incandescent lamps don't last as long), so running LED lights in even the coldest climates is not a problem.


2) Why do we feel that hot?

During development and testing, we found that the heat sink of fully illuminated LED filament bulbs was around 60°C-100°C (140°F-212°F) depending on the model and type of LED filament bulb, room temperature and airflow. Why does it feel so hot when I touch the heat sink?

Touch anything above 50°C (122°F) with your fingers and it will feel very hot very quickly! You will reverse the pull off. It is a radiator, so always remember it should be hot. Your fingertips and pain sensors will automatically protect themselves from the temperature at which the protein in your skin begins to cook. This cooking is also called "protein denaturation or unfolding". This cooking starts at about 57°C 134°F. This is a reflexive response that quickly moves your body part away from any object with a temperature above 50°C 122°F and gives you the "overheating" message.


3) Why not choose our best LED filament bulbs?

Although the initial cost of LED bulbs is higher than the initial cost of conventional bulbs, you can save money in the long run with LED filament bulbs. The initial investment pays back more over the entire life of the bulb because it costs less to run due to lower energy consumption and doesn't take as long (usually about 15 years) to replace. And don't forget that LED filament bulb lighting is already less expensive than it was a few years ago, and at the price of a traditional bulb.

LED filament bulbs are as safe for the eyes as any other artificial light source. Unlike lasers, they do not focus light to a single point and are comparable in intensity to traditional light bulbs and halogen lamps.

LED filament bulbs are as safe for the eyes as any other artificial light source. Unlike lasers, they do not focus light to a single point and are comparable in intensity to traditional light bulbs and halogen lamps. You can find information about our lighting products on our website or contact us for additional questions. We are always at your service.


What is more? Apart from offering customers with high-quality LED filament color bulbs, our company also provide customers with various kinds of high-quality and cost-effective solar LED street light.




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