Are LED filament bulbs bright?
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Are LED filament bulbs bright?

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With the arrival of modern industrial interiors, the popularity of old-fashioned incandescent and LED filament bulbs grows with each passing day. In recent years, this LED filament bulb style has become hugely popular: LED filament bulbs have become common in commercial spaces such as stores and cafes, and elements of the Edison bulb have made their way into home interiors.

This passage is going to talk about the following introductions of LED filament bulb:

1) How does an LED filament bulb work and how bright is it?

2) Combining your interior design and lighting is a great choice

3) Why not choose our LED filament bulbs?


1) How does an LED filament bulb work and how bright is it?

Retro candle LED filament color bulb or Edison LED filament bulb, has become very popular lately. These cool bulbs can be found everywhere from your favorite dining room to DIY steampunk lamps and costumes. However, amidst this newfound lighting craze, some of the beautiful bulbs give off disappointing brightness. Before deciding to buy some Edison bulbs, you may want to get a better idea of the power you're getting. Today's standard incandescent bulbs are pear-shaped, average between 40 and 150 watts, and usually last about 1,000 hours. While standard incandescent bulbs have been phased out by more energy-efficient lighting devices, such as LEDs, antique lighting is becoming increasingly popular due to its creative, vintage style.

Retro-style incandescent light bulbs use LED technology to mimic the look of old-fashioned incandescent light bulbs. Small LEDs are placed along a thin metal strip and covered with a transparent material, such as glass or a sapphire backing. This produces the effect of a traditional filament inside the bulb.

While the average brightness of a traditional light bulb is about 800 lumens, Edison bulbs are different. Some lights, vintage LED filament bulbs, are not as bright as 330 lm. However, LED lighting products that use special filaments can provide very bright light in excess of 1000 lumens. Edison bulbs have a lower lumen output with amber glass, creating a cozy comfort, but you may need to use several bulbs together to properly illuminate an entire room.


2) Combining your interior design and lighting is a great choice

Industrial style is all about simplicity and raw materials. Typical features include exposed brickwork, metal surfaces, concrete, aged wood and exposed piping. the exposed retro style of LED filament bulbs makes them a perfect fit with industrial interior philosophies and aesthetics. They can function well as lighting in their own right, or they can be set in style with industrial-style metal shades and still flaunt stylish bulbs.

The beauty of these LED filament bulbs is that they emit a warm white light. Industrial designs can feel a little cold, and LED filament bulbs are a great way to add comfort without going out of style.

You may ask are LED filament bulbs still in style. The answer is YES! While industrial style has been around for a while, there are no signs that it's coming soon. Among interior designers, love LED filament bulbs are still a favorite among companies who use the bulbs to add a little warmth to a sleek industrial look.


3) Why not choose our LED filament bulbs?

No one will dislike the stylish lighting look that can be achieved with LED filament bulbs. We offer a full range of LED filament lamps (the most environmentally friendly type) - check out our product range at the product details page on this page, or read on to learn more about how Edison bulbs and LED filament bulbs work, and to see answers to some frequently asked questions!

Edison LED bulbs, like all types of LED bulbs, have a long history! They will typically last about 50,000 hours. This is much longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. When you buy LED filament bulbs from our website, we'll give you the best service whether it's shipping or repairing them after the sale!

What is more? Apart from offering customers with high-quality LED filament color bulbs, our company also provide customers with various kinds of high-quality and cost-effective solar LED street light.




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