Advantages of LED filament bulb
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Advantages of LED filament bulb

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While traditional LEDs offer more in terms of versatility and bulb life, the elegance of LED filament bulbs may be reason enough to meet your lighting needs. Either way, there are more applications for LED lighting technology than there are today. Do you want to learn more about LED filament bulbs? Keep reading to learn more.

This passage is going to talk about the following introductions of LED filament bulb:

1) Introduction to LED filament bulbs

2) The advantages of LED filament bulbs

3) Why not choose our best LED filament bulbs?


1) Introduction to LED filament bulbs

The method of constructing LED filaments is called chip-on-glass (COG). After the bonding of the LED chip on the glass substrate is completed, the substrate is then coated with phosphor. Each end of the filament has a metal electrode for further assembly. The performance of the yellow phosphor coating is critical to obtain the desired light quality, color temperature and CRI (color rendering index). In addition, the phosphor coating plays a role in improving the robustness of the lamp and increasing safety.

LED filament color bulbs are ideal for the hospitality industry where a soft and comfortable environment is required, for example in restaurants, bars, cafes, hotel reception areas. They are also ideal for homes that need a warm and cozy atmosphere. LED filament bulbs are a natural match for traditional lanterns and classic traditional style fixtures where nostalgic effects are important. LED filament bulbs combine the best of both worlds in terms of lighting and state-of-the-art LED technology without compromising on lighting quality and ambience. LED filament lamps are very popular among professional interior designers and architects.


2) The advantages of LED filament bulbs

LED light bulbs are known to have many major advantages over traditional light bulbs (including CFL "energy saving" bulbs), most notably in terms of significant energy cost savings. LED filament bulbs are more energy efficient than traditional LED bulbs.

Thanks to the unique LED filament technology, LED bulbs can look almost identical to classic incandescent filament bulbs

LED filament bulbs can be manufactured in a very warm white color with a color temperature as low as 2200K In addition, they come with amber-coated glass for a warmer and more comfortable retro look.

LED filament bulbs are available in all classic bulb shapes such as: regular A60 / GLS, candle bulbs, golf ball / mini bulbs, globes, squirrel cages, etc. to fit all styles of lamps. They can be dimmable or non-dimmable.

Because the driver electronics are encapsulated in the base of the bulb, conventional LED bulbs are somewhat limited to the maximum beam angle. LED filament bulbs can emit light throughout 360º for more uniform light emission and a more natural appearance.

Compared to other types of bulbs, LED filament bulbs offer all the advantages of regular LED bulbs, including substantial energy savings, long life, environmental friendliness, no mercury (like CFL bulbs), no UV or IR radiation, no heat generated by the light source, instant on, excellent CRI (color rendering), compatibility with smart lighting technology, etc.


3) Why not choose our best LED filament bulbs?

Filament lamps have been around for hundreds of years, and for good reason - mainly because they also have excellent reliability and effectiveness. Not to mention the emerging LED filament bulbs. LED filament bulbs are now all the rage. After learning so much about the benefits of LED filament bulbs, would you choose LED filament bulbs? What kind of LED bulb do you prefer? Traditional bulb or fine LED filament bulb? Which do you think is best for each case? Let us know what you think! Contact us directly and we'll be happy to help you.


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